Text Editors


Text editors control the way you interface with written content. For programmers, this is the vast majority of the content they create, develop, and perhaps consume.



is a flexible editor with a modular approach to construction; if you implement Xi's protocol, you can use any user interface that calls back to Xi on the backend. However, it's plagued with latency issues.



A simple, minimal writing tool without the distractions


A modular collection of packages for creating your own text editor in Haskell.


Python-based personal information manager


https://www.techradar.com/best/best-text-editors https://github.com/LightTable/LightTable -- incredibly powerful editor https://github.com/tree-sitter/tree-sitter parsing tool system

https://metaredux.com/posts/2018/11/09/ciders-orchard-the-heart.html cidet interface, very cool livecoding environment

https://github.com/pitr/config_files mostly vim config https://github.com/ianstormtaylor/slate :: customizable framework for building text editors https://s.ai/nlws/ nonlinear writing system https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/dubu-jorim a prototype code explorer! http://www.sci.utah.edu/~nmccurdy/Poemage/ a visualization tool that helps users read http://www.andrewbragdon.com/codebubbles_site.asp rethinking ui of IDES: 'codebubbles' http://akkartik.name/about lots of links on ways to work on advancing program structure https://pharo.org/ editor that's an 'IDE and OS rolled into one' with killer runtime code inspection hemingway: a text editor that provides constant feedback on the semantic meaning and organization of your writing

Adding interactive visual syntax to textual code

Leif Anderson of Northeastern defining syntax extensions to programming languages in order to directly manipulate problems with visual, concrete syntax as a GUI


live programming editor research

Excited to present our paper on "Example-Based Live Programming for Everyone" at Onward!/@splashcon! Together with our @HPIDE students, we explored how language-agnostic tools for #LiveProgramming can be built with the #LSP and @GraalVM. 🛠🚀

Preprint: https://t.co/JwKOdnDQrl https://t.co/EFIt78VFlQ


a text editor with speech and motion controls https://hazel.org/: a live fp environment featuring type holes with a language built around filling them.

https://ash-k.itch.io/textreme an energetic text editor

General Idea

petagogic ides


sriram krishnamurthi's work on developing editors for education to help students learn without overwhelming them - at the same time helping them 'unlearn' bad habits from utilities like visual studio and intellij

xi-editor retrospective | Raph Levien’s blog olive: nonlinear video editor

Will Crichton on Twitter: "Really cool idea -- combining dynamic program slicing, unit tests, and source diffs to identify the purpose of particular pieces of code. Slicing is one of those obviously good ideas that never panned out b/c the human factors are tricky (see also: software visualization). https://t.co/Q798yj9byW" / Twitter

multi user sketchpad visual programming might not be the answer a tour of the acme text editor

indent on the z axis : ' ) increase font size as you continue! future of programming lab: type theory to human studies. TODO come back to this - this is what you want to do!!!! neonpad.io - A neon plain text editor transformative tools for thought Wiki

https://via.hypothes.is/http:/www.vpri.org/pdf/hc_what_Is_a_dynabook.pdf#annotations:C1V5ghbIEeuNkF8ZS7HZaw i really love these annotations-- and -t's a great Books the ACME text editor: default for plan-9. interesting mobile system incorporating mouse usage and chording! it's different from traditional text editors and worth trying. https://penrose.ink/ http://akkartik.name/about


personal website with lots of work on text editors and notes. cool hypercard experiment!

maria: a clojurescript envvironment for beginners. try it out! hazel, of course.


an active computing document. substantial improvement upon the skills that spreadsheet wizards already have


excellent way to ship web projects : ) https://squeak.org/ : a fascinating smalltalk editor! natto.dev: interactive, multidimensional js coding environment

https://bypaulshen.com/posts/exploring-codebases: what's the best way to navigate a codebase? this is one of the most important parts of the software development experience, yet it's one that largely is not focused on. glisp: an incredible layout environment for structured design and editing. this site seems to autogenerate documentation, taking color cues from the environment to do so! The source is https://github.com/baku89/glisp.