Wikis are tree-based tools for representing hierarchies of information.

This personal wiki is the one I maintain. Others refer to personal wikis as Digital Gardens, Brain Dumps, or Personal Libraries.

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I needed a way to better organize my ideas. Administering structure to my data was a good way to do this, and org-mode provides a good facility for this. Further, the constraints administered by the website motivate me to better organize my notes as they're visible to the public; without this structure the notes won't even render properly.


I'd like my notes to be easily visible to anyone. It allows me to easily share my thoughts and perspectives with friends or colleagues.


This portal also enables recruiters or future collaborators to learn more about me, my skills and my interests. Perhaps I can build a following, inspire someone, or find an interesting job opportunity if someone stumbles upon this wiki.




Web Design,Design

The design of this wiki has gone through multiple phases.

I started with a Hugo template, adding browsing features in multiple panes to the site, but Hugo proved to be too complex of a tool to sustainably use in the long term.

The current iteration of this site is generated with a Pandoc-based tool I've written myself, as I felt I wanted more customizability. Eventually, I'd like to generate multiple front-ends for the website -- so that visitors can view it as a wiki, as a traditional blog, a series of journals, or something in between -- depending on how they view the website.


I've taken inspiration from several others who maintain wikis.

Further Inspiration elisp wiki -- i love the idea of visualizing the ralations of the notes as well as his rationale

Notes cool wiki approach :: find the best method for me ! I think writing a blog post is the best way to help me organize my thoughts, i should get that infrastructure up. nextcloud notes is also a good option, but i do have to set up a nextcloud server to handle that obsidian md knowledge base The Brain is a digital memory solution written and maintained by the brother of Acronym's founder, Errolson,for many years. It's not well known in the technology space, but it's popular with creatives and researchers who often don't intersect with the field.

organization doing things once a day and putting them in a bullet journal or something bulletproof web app for notes; uses reflex frp and obelisk framewrok haskell web framework; uses tech called obsidian. feels very opinionated? not sure whether it is good or not some ui library someone is very passionate about, it is unclear whether it is good or worthwhile

gossip's web: a directory of home-grown personal websites, experiments and writing both the subject of transclusion: the inclusion of one document in another - and the wiki itself are super good here 40 years of outliners

working with the garage door up :: why we should learn with wikis in the open.

weakty wiki

hypothesis: a margin with conversations anywhere on the web! i cannot stress how cool this is, particularly the trick with the sidebar markdown-powered wiki software

concrete plan

learn to build small software! a wiki is the best way to do this.



List of artists and hackers using homegrown time-tracking tools open source note taking and todo app local first self-hosted wiki tool (dendron) knowledge base from nikita second brain digital gardeners notes for people we keep in touch with

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This FTP site knowledge/ at master · nikitavoloboev/knowledge Building a digital garden Tom Critchlow. Move. Think. Create.

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some new wiki ideas from issues some excellent ideas