Writing and advice on academia. what the first half of grad school was like

Labs work with rosette, a language that allows for the creation of efficient tools for program verification and synthesis!

UMich UChicago berkeley phd student

apps sampson seems like a really cool profrssor to work with!

Research opportunities Principles of Effective Research | Michael Nielsen human centered swe dissertations Haskell can we augment programming with direct manipulation interactions?

People https://jswrenn.com

olin shivers his thesis is incredible stuff about olin comedy:


mike shah pizza debugging with the gui

matthias -- on grad school sicp, somehow phd student working on generative models -- been greenman, cool guy! -- talks from a lot of PL

Simon Peyton Jones at Microsoft Research interests -- self explanatory -- edward yang, a stanford phd student who works with ml and functional languages Compilers academic Text Editors Quantified Self :: great theorem proving person. working under adam chlipala -- of course, knuth Music work

Andrew Blinn

Adminral researcher working on incredible projectional editors. Love the personality shown through the words chosen on his site.

Great work with digital imaging and earth observation. Definitely a perspective not common in tech.

has some interesing work on parallel programming. major haskell developer now working on interesting machine learning problems! ?? you know who this is. the plan9 guy! also made go for google? ??? another excellent research lab.