Programming and music.




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Pocket Operators

learn to use the PO-33

Tools use game boy as midi synthesizer nanoloop synth


Displaying art with ncmcpp configure irc bouncer so that irc clients can stay in session

other configuration (TODO)

set up server host music on this server

goal configuration::

selfhosted community

bedrock linux: mix and match components from different linux distributions making a cool thing classic. may be a good read, sounds like a waste of time right now . probably a cool gift or something to purchase though ! pertinent for the server configuration openai analysis through an api! music for live coding . great livecoding resources


free software instruments music engine reinventing the wheel with pytorch percussion machine neat audio file editor -- generating music automatically!! -- music book website -- highly recommended; a book written about how we interact with electronic instruments. for synth enthusiasts and music industrial designers!

making music

making the making of music

music inspiration: turning ideas into tracks ZzFXM Tracker synthesizer drum sequencer with sample pad incredible devices making incredible music ambient music and randomness euclidean rhythm

Listening Recs

frisky biscuits - mason agulta - gabriel garzon montano world of echo - arthur russell from deewee- soulwax baile and drip - vhoor cool textbook for algorithmic music

Generative music

SuperCollider How to make SuperCollider go "beep" Jessica Garson - Making Music with Python, SuperCollider and FoxDot - PyCon build-supercollider "A repository of readmes, techniques, notes and other materials about how i live code in SuperCollider. A (sorta) companion repository to co34ptlivecode " Vim OSC = Livecoding - vim Vim

TidalCycles Tidal - Getting Started TidalCycles – A language for the Live Coding pattern | Hacker News Linux installation - TidalCycles userbase TidalCycles userbase TidalCycles – live music coding : Hacker News


overtone/overtone: Collaborative Programmable Music Collaborative Programmable Music


devine using orca well Orca - Library - lines LEARN ORCΛ~ hundredrabbits/Pilot: Orca's best friend. 45 • Devine Lu Linvega • Orca | Future of Coding

Physical generative devices

telekinetic music from devine Programming as Performance | Sam Aaron | TEDxNewcastle Algorave Yann Tomita and the Doopees - How Does It Feel - YouTube free premium music for your projects Web Design audio mass

spleeter: msuic research engine

op-1 style portable synthesizer! get songs from yt in mp3 format

awesome livecoding music library manager themer

phaser games f-f/CASSALPOPOLO: More open source 4/4 beats for the peoples games in the browser!

EulerRoom #6 Eulerroom Live Stream Session 19 June 0800 Synthesis 3 - YouTube Session 18 June 1040 Machine Learning II - YouTube Session 17 June 0620 Networking and Hardware - YouTube The Audio Programmer - YouTube Programming as Performance | Sam Aaron | TEDxNewcastle - YouTube dktr0/estuary: Platform for collaboration and learning through live coding

Autechre - Gantz Graf (Official Music Video) 1080p HD - YouTube

how distortion works in music – ╲╲╰╰╹╹ (extended) (Teenage Engineering PO-12 + nanoloop 2.7.8) - YouTube

]“Technodrome” Is Motohiko Hamase’s Post-Apocalyptic Soundtrack | Bandcamp Daily algoithmic music resources!

making music with haskell from scratch Haskell umm better spotify playlists through optimization

bach's the open goldberg variations audiovisual live programming environment sonic topology of poems computer research in music and acoustic fun list of wild audio sample recordings imitations of the tr808 and tr303 synthesizers forth vm for audio dsl experiments making music in haskell! Haskell Generative Art RustGenerative Art