Compilers translate one language to another. They're most commonly used to translate higher level languages like C to lower level languages like Assembly.

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CS 6120 :: advanced compilers course interesting compilers work in R what's in a functional compiler? talk first work on verifying and structuring compilers overview of register allocation popcount: the NSA instruction more on popcount cool article about whats inside a binary executable secure compilation from amal truffle compiler graphs for real programming languages some time on v8 and wasm, from compilers guy idle time garbage collection in-place field representation motivation and examples vy performance cliff in react


Great resource for learning about the history of programming languages research, by definition. fun podcast about compilers

pattern matching cool project for a tiny compiler in python! Object Lifetimes - how can a compiler determine when to call the destructor of an object returned from a function? jon blow, game dev and compiler guy -- sam tobin something, student of matthias lets build a compiler book compiler neat thing improving compiler correctness using formal methods on trusting trust. ken thompson talk linked at the bottom is great, as are the other articles. great compilers literature compiler design course at cmu. how to write a toy jvm -- try this and put it on github! fun small thing to mess around with. add more to it, add new things, mess aroundand have fun! supposedly good material he compiler is available for download. Get it! research compiler that will become Scala 3 ]] [[]["stalin brutally optimizing Scheme compiler, with Debianization patches" JS-to-JS compiler that makes it easier to build Web IDEs and compile to JS. n esoteric programming language with an unusual compiler backend he single instruction C compiler ":sunglasses: Curated list of awesome resources on Compilers, Interpreters and Runtimes" Compiler Construction – CSE 131 F19 Tracing JIT vs Method JIT: What to choose? - ProgrammingLanguages in which a compiler takes steps towards strapping its boots - Technomancy Compilers | edX Crafting Interpreters barak/stalin: stalin brutally optimizing Scheme compiler, with Debianizatio Object Lifetimes - how can a compiler determine when to call the destructor Console #9: An Intro to Compilers - YouTube Advice on structuring compilers and proving them correct | Proceedings of t What's in a Functional Compiler? | SkillsCast | 30th July 2020 William J. Bowman on Twitter: "I generated language validators from my compiler course assignment specifications, turned them into contracts for my reference solution, and it's just finding bug after bug after bug. Bugs in specs, bugs in tests, bugs in implementation." / Twitter Debugging compilers with optimization fuel : Inside 245-5D The General Problem A Quick Introduction to Register Allocation — Hassam Uddin | Developer Functional Programming and Reference Counting - ProgrammingLanguages lots of compilers resources!/LearnableProgramming designing a programming system for understanding programs compiling with continuations Books let's build a compiler from noah zentzis, someone i talked to at intel. an incremental approach to compiler construction intro to ecstacy programming language Implementing functional languages: a tutorial - Microsoft Research Compilers - Compilers for contrarians any function can be called using method calls as well fun ideas for compiler optimization static program analysis course!

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