Brief notes from mike

Write down set theory correspondences!

Anything on the left hand side of a signature is negative: (-> (-> a b) c)

Covariance is associated with positive position; contravariance is associated with positive position. It's incredible how well things fit together.

Look into recursive structures and how types informed them! They were introduced in/with McBride's zipper paper; absolutely worth reimplementing.

very cool algorithm for finding polynomial roots

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320864673_A_simple_algorithm_to_find_all_real_roots_of_a_polynomial it's worth reading the paper and implementing the algorithm! this is incredibly cool.


http://carlos.bueno.org/2014/06/refactoring.html practice alone doesn't work performance work isn't about fast code; it's about careful measurement and being very fair hiring is so hard - how do you focus? what do you focus on? what do you prioritize?

scary statistics - p(success) is less than 17% if coinvestors had worked at the same company; 19% drop if investors went to the same undergraduate school! this is likely a symptom of similar views - a lack of diversity.

study false negatives as well as false positives - you have so much to learn from the people you turn down who could have otherwise been very successful. learn from 'the ones who get away'!

interjection in the dining hall

"i've done my fair share of service work. i ran a philanthropic organization to get into college..."

keep quotes around! from friends! from others! it matters


structured editing

(Text Editors) - seems like a great reference for starting to work on tree editors. look into it! https://justinpombrio.net/2020/01/25/survey.html