Web Design




Websites should be minimal. There is no reason to download five megabytes of Javascript to communicate my hiring credentials. I shouldn't have to wade through frameworks and dark patterns to read a blog post!

I am taking a reductionist approach to web design by:

Aesthetics aside, focusing on minimizing web development allows the millions of people worldwide with slow connections to access resources and information. Using a simple subset of CSS and Javascript, too, enables older browsers and hardware to sufficiently load websites.

The web doesn't have to be so hostile or expensive to run. Focus on boiling it down to its essentials.




https://cargo.site/ complex reduction apple music redesign case study

https://codepen.io/ge1doot/pen/MWeBPQE very cute pen https://matthiasott.com/notes/wicked-design quick thoughts on 'wicked design' https://grumpy.website/ a catalogue of terrible user interface design decisions https://avanier.now.sh/work.html love this https://deianeira.co : great web design. wow vertically aligned logos, cool font, 'alter ego', quick journal https://neil.computer/notes/the-design-of-diskprices-com/ amazing minimal site with a few notes on making it the best it can be http://ericmotil.com/ 070shake: an incredible site!

Windows 95 UI Kit - Themesberg brainrape/windows-95-ui-kit: ? Windows 95 UI Kit made with Bootstrap 4 comp https://github.com/mit-pdos/noria

inspirational site

Blobmaker - Make organic SVG shapes for your next design consistent microcopy makes for good product ux the design squiggle, emblematic of the design process

https://hot3eed.github.io/2020/06/22/snap_p2_deobfuscation.html love love love this website and the readme,Cybersecurity

shoelace: a forward thinking library of web components

https://kristopolous.github.io/BOOTSTRA.386/ beautiful framework like bootstrap, but for DOS

https://linus.zone/dev good web design resources! https://gerireid.com/forms.html good form design principles Ethical Web https://gerireid.com/forms.html incredible architecture navigation demo: Three

https://pavellaptev.github.io/web-dark-ages/ web design trends over the last 20 years. the site map and guest book pages are really cool and seem fun to add : )

https://derolez.dev/ i actually love this guys work - even if i dont like how animated the front page is http://brandoncjohnson.com/ someone likes space - and threejs!!! Three https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/best-personal-websites

https://ertdfgcvb.xyz/ incredible piece of animation using characters https://www.r2design.pt/

https://tonsky.me/blog/monitors/ you need a better display to make sure that things are rendering correctly in 1080p.

https://www.figma.com/community/file/822953707012850361 very nice design system. wish the company were better https://sean.fish/ its like an old computer!

https://github.com/foundation/foundation-sites the most advanced front end in the world, or something


https://brutalist-web.design/ comes from 'raw concrete' french term. follow these guidelines well. https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2017/01/05/tendrils-of-mess-in-our-brains/ order is everywhere https://brutalistwebsites.com/?epik=dj0yJnU9UExtUjV0WndmaHpPMTZZTVNNRHUxYThnLVhWLXB4aU4mcD0wJm49bVZRVVd3ajVRYW1yWl9SS2MySE5sUSZ0PUFBQUFBR0FSSF9J

https://fanfan.fan/ absolutely incredible - love the interactive, orbiting system and fine line design language+!