Vim is a text editor with an easily configurable extension language. It's most frequently used as a TUI program but also has an (aft-used) graphical application distribution (Gvim).

I've come to prefer the power of Emacs but I do miss Vim's performance.

However, it has a first-class editor-based extension language that's written to prioritize text processing and configuration. Its extensive, literate keybindings that have made their way into every popular text editor as well as many other applications.

It's one of best text-editing tools in the Unix ecosystem, and Vim users often have a library of cli and tui programs that they use in conjunction with Vim to facilitate a desktop ecosystem without a GUI.

Vim is often preinstalled on Unix systems. If it's unavailable, such systems will likely still have vi (or busybox vi), so taking the time to learn vim keybindings is worthwhile for their flexibility throughout programming environments.

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the best leader key finding the best leader key comma: as it should always be followed with a space grammatically, every other key can be freely mapped to with no delay! you lose the functionality of backwards repeating though…