React is made by facebook or something.

My development practices

Program as functionally as possible!

Hook Tips


sharing code between react and react native


3kb React alternative: Preact React bindings for Purescript Experimental state management for React Interact with any react component like a map easy infinite scroll

Primitive React state management


Tlon's React components; Web Design
Mouseless paged reader for the browser

react vim wasm :: Vim editor embedded in React code


build your own react making wbepage with purescript and react build react from scratch ️ A spring physics based React animation library

soapdog (mastodon: (@soapdog): "my wish for the 2020 #web: ✨ MOAR BROWSERS: I want new smaller beskpoke user agents. Stuff that puts out innovative UX and pushes the web forward. ✨ VANILLA IS THE NEW REACT: fuck frameworks. Lets go back to basics. JS is pretty capable and all that most webapps need. 1/" | nitter

Paul Henschel on Twitter: "the flower offering of spains zaragoza festival has been recreated online for safety reasons. this was made in react, react-three-fiber, gltfjsx (declarative assets) and use-cannon (physics). congrats to whoever made it, sad cause, but you can be proud of yourselves!"; / Twitter

Using WebP images with React · Josh W Comeau

the best way to handle react forms: react hook recipes!! mobile responsive react components! react based desktop environment in the browser

Demos morphing designs on codepen! velocity svg manipulation portfolio chat bot!