Quantified Self

analyzing myself life logging is super important what things am i interested in processing? source

https://activitywatch.net/ good resource for tracking Jethro's self tracking in plain text

doing things digitally automatically logs data for the timeline feels wrong that data can be forgotten and lost forever want to have the choice whether to forget or remember, and want to be able to access forgotten memories

ultimately, i want this to be an effort to accomplish two things:

and i want to be able to interface with all of them

eventually, i would like to be able to open this ecosystem to others, and in doing so allow people to share events, memories and experiences

text messages

i want to see everything i have sent and to whom i have sent it to


i want to be able to track all of my purchases



track precisely what i am eating and the assoc. information


what exercise am i doing? what does it change about my health?


sleep, mental competency/sluggishness? some way to reflect on longer term progress


temp during sleep weather conditions information


tracking blood levels is best way to deduce health composition


sleep time, health etc



where have i been? why? how?


where did i probably spend my time? what places am i interested in? what did i visit?


what mail do i get? what htings go through mail?


google gives lots of good analysis, like browsing and youtube watch history


what do i listen to? why? how?


front to back: time and location taken to ig and blog post


what goes on


the more i track the more i know about myself the more time i save the more efficient i become

biofeedback vibes

https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-72501-w does perceived health matter more than actual health? this is just one study but nature is huge.


constant feedback blood glucose notes on n-back pill stack gool generated time log tracking body temperature some fun time keeping and tracking utilities https://github.com/seanbreckenridge/HPI

Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker

https://wakatime.com/ tracking time spent in various editors to get programming metrics!

https://kern.io/dashboard brilliant idea: personal tracking of tons of different metrics publicly available! okrs for personal use are great too. Hackathon