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Peak Design Camera Packs Mission workshop rambler orbitgear acr clone pd camera cube pd tech pouch arris pack - love the innovation here modular good travel pack elegant aer would be good if not for branding


gtex socks


patagonia tech top considered best non-merino wool performance shirt wool and prince button down wish this had cover over buttons, that would be a bit sleeker veilance frame ls polo first polo i have liked



travel towel recs


indisce blazer partition ar coat rosen minerva overshirt both min. and futuristic!


Shirting - Long and shortsleeve shirts - Our Legacy -- best lav mic recorder? how to mount h1n on camera

wbottle get one like this


remake clothes like my y3 things in sustainable fabrics! imitate vetements zip hoodie, one size bigger, waterproof or merino or something wish i had vetements xl buying guide for onebagging best all in one tee underwear: uniqlo prob best borderless passport holde traveling without a bag

transport diy ciems the audex jacket backpack outlier archive descente allterrain show yes

anxiety in product development anxiety can emerge easily from stress, resulting in anger, frustration and other unhealthy forms of exerting such stress. this impacts other people, organizations and processes as well. we have fear driven development : a concrete idea encouraging us to avoid certain practices depending upon the specific approach play to win, don't play not to lose; developing a unique selling proposition means that you are no longer fighting with others, but rather striving to come out ahead awareness of such anxiety is the first step to take. with this awareness comes conscious decision making, and with such decisions come wiser product crafting and, in the end, better, more creative work

Why should you be concerned? Our brains are no match for our technology. Inventing on principle