Super fun ML programming language! Coq is essentially embedded in it. Great type system but the language doesn't pose substantial limitations to the developer, unlike the purity that languages like Haskell tout.

https://github.com/ezyang/ocaml-cminsketch https://github.com/NathanReb/ocaml-afl-examples Cybersecurity Caml Trading - YouTube https://github.com/jfecher/algorithm-j https://github.com/jfecher/row-polymorphism

Multicore OCaml: July 2020 - ocaml http://rgrinberg.com/posts/deriving-slowly/ https://github.com/rossberg/1ml


An alternative syntax for OCaml that works in the browser. The messaging here is very confusing - bucklescript? ReasonReact? Which is it? Some good example projects: