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TODO (249) Baraka (Ron Fricke, 1992) Documentary - YouTube

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Worth all of the hype. A seminal cyberpunk fantasy with animation that still feels like it's from the future. There's no need for exposition because the story tells itself.


Great narrative – clearly inspired movies like the wolf of wall street ans catch me if you can, among others.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Taxi Driver

Pineapple Express

Stupid 'comedy' movie, no depth involved

Office Space

Great movie, struck a bit close to home… definitely empathized with the main characters (aside from the hacking part).

American Psycho

A bit scary that Bateman has taste so similar to mine… except for the psychopathic killer thing. Love his interior decor! Can definitely see some examples of the type of person he will become (perhaps the misogyny and power tripping, but not the murder) in some people I know today, which is a bit frightening given that he's intended to portray a caricature..

nightcrawler - confirmed news is bad. very good character development

into the wild

inspirational and novel. he lives a noble life - and though his decisions are stubborn, he learns so much along the way. highly recommend; personal journeys are the best kind of journey.

silver linings playbook

shutter Island

Record of a living being source watch the film :: one of the first to directly address the fear of nuclear holocaust and the implications of the atom bomb. an introspective, cerebral work regarding japan after the bomb and moving forward, away from fallout. inspired by conversations with otuers regarding what may – or may not be – in store for us tomorrow, if tomorrow is in store at all.