Resources for mobile devices.


Open-source jailbreaking tool for many iOS devices


App development

building a custom launcher in android studio another guide for a custom launcher Let's build a custom keyboard for Android - Android Authority Create a Custom Keyboard on Android The Open GApps Project

Signal patch without google play services we can do better than signal! centralized, in the us, not so different from whatsapp…

Setting up



LineageOS vs e vs alternatives - degoogle e-ink smartphones! :: a minimal mobile device mimic much of this design in an android launcher! i love how minimal it is and the black would look as perfect on AMOLED as it does on e-ink, if not better nanodroid: debloat your android ROM and install things like microG and f-droid regardless of the system.


Tensegrity Lamp Running ColorChord on Android with USB in C - YouTube Nix, getting the Pinephone up and running with Mobile NixOS as well as some other resources : )