Lisp is an elegant programming language referred to as 'better than blub'.

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practical common lisp winning big with lisp a great introduction to common lisp queens js problem pr based dev collatz seq leftpad minesweeper and interviewing hypermedia protocol!

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The Bipolar Lisp Programmer

A blog in pure Org/Lisp scheme for systems programming oo scheme

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The Scheme Shell write you a scheme the lisp song more lisp song and history mit scheme from markov chain

the bipolar lisp programmer arrogant sicp and king james generation

Dreamsongs pretentious essay about the lisp programmer the most beautiful program ever written A Simple Scheme Compiler (1997) | Hacker News artificial intelligence programming in common lisp a lisp based demonstration of using, tracking and querying a global state rather than a local one - preserving data immutably and using transparent abstractions!