Thoughts about language, generally. a tool to learn new alphabets an experimental synthetic language

cat learning how to speak Python TextRazor - The Natural Language Processing API programming without typing; using sound and voice

linguistic development in danish relative to other language

Neography: constructed writing systems Context as Linguistic Bridges [PhD thesis] | Proycon's Website

TODO Analysis: Is Swenglish a threat to the Swedish language? - The Local

Captured On: [2020-09-01 Tue 14:18] lossless compression of english

TODO emulating how language is learned naturally?

virtual assistant that progressively increasaes vocab good language learning platform


Definition is subject to discussion - an initial conlang that is later developed by a native population may or may not be one. Simplified Chinese is not one.


A logical language with no grammatical ambiguity. Materials for learning lojban Why do so few people speak lojban? Seems to have a lot of overlap with those interested in type theory, but in general the context is valuable to many languages, and by speaking lojban you are empowering yourself to communicate with others who also chose to learn Lojban. A good read on lojban, English and communicative precision.


Singlish: Singaporean english, complimented by slang from a wide variety of language deriving from the British occupation of the country.