Git is a popular version control system.


Writing a Git Commit Message

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I use this; Microsoft is bad but the community is good
Minimal free software repository. I would use this if the developer weren't an egotistical BDFL.
Open source git repository; self host it

Organization Thoughts

github organization:

= repo for coding challenge practice problems


It's a good idea to reformat commits to make them more readable.

git reset HEAD~${number of commits to go back}

Tricks :: cheeky way to abuse DMCA to avoid GitHub using your Git repos using the mailing list model over the built-in issue model, and how this naturally federated and local first procedure is superior to github's standard issue approach use git bisect while referencing maintainers of specific parts of code to narrow down to the code you should care about, then ask the maintainers about it - while putting in a minimum of effort. using .gitignore the right way

Patch previous commits with rebases If you need to change commit history:

This did change the commit time for my latest commit, which is something to watch out for.

How Git Works

Neat writeup on the Git patience diff algorithm "Distributed, offline-first bug tracker embedded in git, with bridges" Prototype Git GUI for Filmmaking "Pull github, bitbucket, and trac issues into taskwarrior" Text-mode interface for git bcongdon/git-trophy: ? Create a 3D Printed Model of Your Github Contributio



track changes to a patch over time git flow: git extensions for high level repository operations explore git cli with natural language search github is sinking


A curated list of awesome Github Profile READMEs 📝 i love the font choice and the gif here!


git with additional features such as task management. it seems like a superset of git's system. Fossil vs. Git Incrementally converting from git to fossil while working on the git repo
Google's tool for managing monorepos.
A distributed version control system
Canonical's version control system