Getting Things Done


Org Mode Procrastination is about managing emotions, not time

your learning strategy self-directed learning: a framework to learn effectively A Meta-Layer for Notes « the ascetic bullet journal

What you'll wish you'd known

hate your tools

Start working despite not feeling like it

two minute rule: start working on something for two minutes and put it down iff it's not worth the time how do you self study? having 'grit' how to remember what you read: implement some of these strategies !!

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how to do hard things method for organizing digital information understanding your circle of competence Org Mode getting boxes done org mode mailing list if you can hold the whole program in your head, you're finishing things effectively. making new things developing internal motivation being freakishly productive with the zettelkasten method Do You Keep a Failure Résumé? Here’s Why You Should Start. - The New York Times