most of these are essays i have yet to (re)read, unfortunately

gamecube joycons the hard parts about making it look easy hate the news tell me about your life [[}[the defaults dont work] good things to read : ) don't fly during ramadan

how to build a universe that doesn't fall apart two days later optimizing for interesting songwriting well. malcolm gladwell on discovering religion Algorithms are commodities

the bad feature why books don't really work as a medium measuring arbitrarily is measuring nothing

boredom and creativity, privilege and success why gates swings for the fences to accomplish things

how to become a hacker - eric s. raymond and the follow up tweets: significant decrease in thoughts and non localized sense of self after a 'peak experience' on the inner child: "Everybody tries to protect this vulnerable two three four five six seven eight year old inside, and to acquire skills and aptitudes for dealing with the situations that threaten to overwhelm it." "That’s the paradox: the only time most people feel alive is when they’re suffering, when something overwhelms their ordinary, careful armour, and the naked child is flung out onto the world." various notes? very cool kind of simple but aggressive: default dead or default alive? how do you feel? fun bots and art cool tricks! craft and digital lutherie, designing instruments for Music how and why i stopped buying new laptops! life is so short why you should publish something online! Blogs love the animated connections being made so pretty, looks super professional too. computer anarchists

the temporality of media

the social obligation to do bad things

TODO I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read - Foundation for Economic Education

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TODO Hamming, "You and Your Research" (June 6, 1995) - YouTube

Captured On: [2020-10-08 Thu 00:23] the urge to create chaos engineering why software should be free. training programmers brilliant biographer