Books I've read and would like to read.

hr giger zdzislaw beksinski read trigun - not just watch


BBC: In Our Time. on famous math works wayne, emerson student film


rozencrantz guildenstern solaris wristcutter: a love story the rules of attaction faust my dinner with andre sedmikrasky valerie a tyden divu na srebrnym globie the taste of tea cat soup black moon (see xxiivv wiki for more)


beyond good and evil: friedrich nietzsche 3 body problem sapiens: yuval noah harari Skarholmen karl jung? detransition, baby: torrey peters godel escher bach Soft Science valis: phillip k dick recommendations Drive On (The Hollyridge Press Chapbook Series): Gabriel, Richard P.: 9780975257388: Books

Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-4A Boxed Set, The | InformIT the folk art of japanese cooking the machineries of joy: Ray Bradbury Elephantmen the body keeps the score: child trauma and adult health black hat python: python for pen testers classic os book writing javascript good

book on how doom was developed, looks cool too! working in public: maintaining open source software realm of racket ????

books de google the blog

code as a creative medium :: MIT book – practice literate programming in daily life. movie not book i guess Wristcutters: a love story. movie cool looks books this dude has enjoyed


i am heath ledger okja fargo yokai watch the 15:17 to paris the farewell the last black man in san francisco ten years full metal jacket cowboy bebop samurai champloo

to read: being mortal:: atul gawande, surgery, medicine palestine: joe sacco kurt busiek: marvels gene luen yang: american born chinese Jimmy Corrigan: the smartest kid on earth. chris ware ghost world charles burns: black hole william gibson: neuromancer the league of extraordinary gentlemen. marvel anti-heroes, but with historical figures we already believe to be the good guys. similar to alan moore's watchman evaulation of the anti hero, but sets you up with preconceived notions of his subjects batman the killing joke transmetropolitan, a journalist dragged back into the thick of it manga for kids about a dinosaur navigating the world : ' ) gto berserk i guess Y, the last man No Guns Life Biomega Vagabond deiter rams: the complete works. claus kemp deiter rams' 10 principles of good design, apparently on vimeo the work of art in the age of its technological reproducibility and other writings on media: walter benjamin futura: the artist's monograph

Be Here Now
Foundational LSD book
On Beauty and Being Just
a work on our world's loss of focus on true beauty
The Power of Now
Some call Tolle a hack, others an appropriator of spiritual truths, but this seems to have genuinely valuable words and advice.
tiny habits
developing lots of small habits, emotions, etc and sticking to character. podcast about creating lasting change
The Shock Doctrine
On leveraging sudden events for political gain

Tekkonkinkreet 20th century boys Tokyo Tribes Gantz Battle Angel Alita Koduko no Gourmet blind man's bluff: untold story of american submarine espionage neuromancer, gibson – some of the goodreqads reviews are absolutely incredibly written, actually superlife: on superfoods and fitness. Darin Olien check out things by isaac asimov! incl. 'the widowers club' contact high: a visual history of hip hop doug dubois: my last day at seventeen haruki murakami: men without women mastery: george leonard Crary: 24/7 book Keller Easterling: Extra statecraft: the power of infrastructure pace Marx: Capital Kant: Critique of pure reason Effective Altruism Doing Good Better: earning to give. Personal space: Dylan Gins (@dylangins on ig) book: xchg rax,rax - assembly riddles Range: david epstein. book about generalism waste tide: chen qiufan thinking fast and slow: daniel kahneman Exhalation: ted chiang Flights: olga tokarczuk outline: rachel cusk ice: anna kaven naussicaa: manga @migrantjournal issues deep work: rules for focused success homunculus the flowers of evil domu: a child's dream uzumaki ichi the killer andy grove::only the paranoid survive

the new media reader six memos for the next millenium either/or

oyasumi punpun :: a normal 11 year old boy in his world, but he's depicted as a stick figure bird : ' )

ruth ware cakes and ale, of human bondage: Maugham Piranesi, Hamnet! 10:04: Ben Lerner Letters to Vera! – incredible quotes and experience Pale Fire anathema a canticle for leibowitz kon-tiki, a record across the pacitic ocean by raft your illustrated guide to becoming one with the universe go nuts w merveilles recs neon genesis evangelion: look into SEELE things

love, kurt: the vonnegut love letters abandon me: melissa febos The Group novel; also one by one? read more! Piranesi book



an incredible navigation of dystopia in a world as a city

Scott Pilgrim

Such a joyful adventure! Follows a kid out of college and two old to grow up as he battles his new girlfriend's evil exes and navigates regrets, living without limits and his future. Thematic exploration changes with the art style.

Ghost in the Shell

Far too hard to follow. Gave up on it.



Alan Turing: The Enigma: The Book That Inspired the Film The Imitation Game

code as a creative medium :: MIT book speculating futures: hopeful dystopia the bookstore! the bread book :: a free society for everyone! game engine black book writing a programming book machiavelli what we got wrong Reading List & Book Reviews • Chad Mazzola Reading List Monthly Update The Matter of Facts | The MIT Press

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Havel, Power of the Powerless, 1978 book recommendations! Research programming book recommendations listing all things minimal the war of art Berserk (manga) - Wikipedia Battle Angel Alita - Wikipedia Biomega (manga) - Wikipedia Knights of Sidonia - Wikipedia Gon (manga) - Wikipedia Akira | Manga -

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind) | Manga - Abara | Manga - O

TODO Our Women on the Ground: Essays by Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World by Zahra Hankir

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TODO Neuromancer - Wikipedia

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TODO Functional Differential Geometry | The MIT Press

highly recommended modern programming book Captured On: [2020-10-18 Sun 20:39]

TODO Functional Differential Geometry | The MIT Press

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TODO Alice's Adventures in Numberland

Captured On: [2020-10-18 Sun 20:41] Web Design incredible web design and advertisement for a book! The haunting of hill house: shirley jackson list of book recs rekka bell book recommendations! book recs Getting Things Done Getting Things Done

pleasant reads

permanent record, edward snowden nausea, jean-paul sartre do androids dream of electric sheep? philip k. dick generation ecstasy, simon reynolds stay sexy & don't get murdered: the definitive how-to guide, karen kilgariff & georgia hardstark! early view of universal history : ' )

debord baudrillard mating by norman rush Getting Things Done no idea what this is tbh book recs: i only have time for so many though…

the imitation game movie antifragile and other books by the same author

to fisit: horsetail falls during the firefall go camping !! big schloss. beautiful movie: Silence (2016)

disco elysium apparently has super good game mecahnics design

recipe: black sesame chocolate gateu (@nthea recipe?)