cleaning out the rest of my email

lots of good articles saved! i missed out on a lot of these!

nathan leung life update

src love idea of email update! i want more emails and i want to send more emails to more people. this is primarily a reflection of what it's like to "own the process" of making friends and maintaining relationships - difficulty of which is something that's becoming far more of a problem as time passes. i'm working on keeping up with people - it's hard! - and with friends moving across the country, etc., i really have to learn to plan more things in advance.

nate has this cavalier approach to life and winging it that's incredibly inspirational - and i want to broadcast myself the same way he does.

get the emails of people. stay in touch. let others stay in the loop and say hello - but you need to broadcast and give them the opportunity!

quarantine bagels

https://blog.azuki.vip/quarantine-bagels/ yan is inspirational for many things but i love these recipes the most. incredibly useful recipes - love "lazy" = "ok to fuck up" baking! the very casual prose really adds here too.

i really want to make bagels from scratch............. do this when i have some downtime next week..............................

guideline for a basic web framework

https://github.com/gordonbrander/store-element learn from this to build on more User Experience JavaScript

natto local first

https://bypaulshen.com/posts/natto-local-first respect others! local first software Ethical Web love this evaluation and all of these thoughts - i have lots of scattered notes on local-first software,

uses operational transformation for collaborative editing - almost a tree-structured editing paradigm. i think it might be better to use the plaintext crdt - or one hat's optimized for s-expression sensitivity - for my own work, though.

you should always be able to use the ecosystem offline!

try not to make the user experience tradeoff here - but the braid protocol looks good!!