notes: collected from the past few days

applying data-oriented design

src - love andrew kelley!

structured programming

src found this from halt and catch fire - from the bohm-jacopini theorem essentially: flowcharts can compute any computable function if they combine subprograms in these ways:

naturally, these three logical control flows map to sequential operations, if expressions, and while loops, progressively. these programs are allowed to track additional information in order to keep track of what's tracked throughout the programming - this inspired structured programming! (in reality, structured programming is a disciplined subset of c lol.)

"folk version": a single global while loop with a series of conditionals able to model any program.

dementia care and compassion

src: from shannon mattern, an incredible interdisciplinary researcher and academic. good "twitter personality" too : )

this hit hard - aging and dementia are frightening.

"beautiful mess" of software dev

https://cutlefish.substack.com/ weird name product often picks a direction or tactic too late or too early - choosing when to switch, retool, etc is incredibly important! feature factory? https://medium.com/hackernoon/12-signs-youre-working-in-a-feature-factory-44a5b938d6a2