some articles i've been sitting on

CS 6120: The Self-Guided Course: a phd-level course on program synthesis in programming language! builds considerably on knowledge i've picked up from computer-aided reasoning. Adrian Sampson: Program Synthesis is Possible: an excellent tutorial on using z3 to make a relatively simple programProgramming Languages program synthesis engine. check this out for more! Sara Du - On Practices: neat editorial platform with great design language and some cool interviews. worth considering something similar! Would be great to start interviewing others and hold a space for them in the future - I know so many interesting people. An Introduction to Session Types: Session types - used to model communication channels over the wire (TCP!). Requests are modeled with `Request`, and `Response` data consequently responds over the channel; where some channel can be modeled under the IO monad. the types are a communication protocol! look into the reduction semantics for parallel computation with these session types - lots of powerful tools here. may be fun to explore (as this is really just a formalization of networking to improve understanding)!

cards library for making card games!!