new cult lore just dropped

https://en.falundafa.org/eng/lectures/1996L.html intro lecture from li hongzhi, leader of falun (dafa/gong) religious 'cult'; affiliated with shen yun (https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/stepping-into-the-uncanny-unsettling-world-of-shen-yun).

qugong: cultivation practice; 'the Fa', or the result of this practice, is attained by practicing many orthodox religions (christianity buddhism, judaism) - somehow taichi boxing is part of this and heals illnesses? argues for some 'new fa', compatible with people of 'our time' rather than historical figures who thrived with previous fa. "All enlightened beings that provide salvation teach the Fa that they have become enlightened to and make it public to save people." "I have expressed all the principles of the Fa from the lowest level to the highest level of the universe in a very plain and simple language of the ordinary people and through Qigong, the lowest form of cultivation practice. After reading the book for the first time, you will find that it is teaching people the principles of how to be a good person. If you read it again, you will find that what it states are not the principles of ordinary people, but it is a book beyond ordinary human knowledge. If you can read it a third time, you will find that it is a book of heaven. If you continue to read it, you will love it so much that you simply cannot let it go of your hands."

"If you find a Bodhisattva so beautiful, you may develop some evil thoughts. Can this be allowed? Of course it won't be allowed. Thus, you will have to give up these attachments and the filth as well as bad thoughts in ordinary human society."

claims that there are ordinary people an enlightened beings; people only ascend to enlightened beings by repeatedly reading his book lol

classic arguments about current year being the peak of human degeneration, and similarly immoral, degenerate societies collapsing throughout history- reading the book will save us from this degeneracy?

you are molecules with eyes so you can't see. "...you are all in a maze. Then, you cannot see the truth of the universe while being in the maze."

"The language I used in this book "Zhuan Falun" is not standard because using modern standardized language cannot encompass higher levels and greater content."

if someone receives pain and suffering than someone else should correspondingly lose happiness? "De": ostensibly some name for karma and getting even with "Fa" in the universe.

supposedly practitioners are not ordinary people and not only gain the ability to give and receive De, but also to block out De.

"Modern science is unable to see {conflict; De} because it cannot break through this dimension. What kind of dimensional form does our human race live in? I am telling everyone that this dimensional layer where mankind lives is between two kinds of particles. As for particles, those of us who have studied physics know that molecules, atoms, nuclei, quarks, and neutrinos are each a layer of particles. They are physical elements that constitute larger particles. Which layer of particles does mankind exist in? The largest things that we see with human eyes are planets, and the smallest things that we can see under the microscope are molecules. In fact, our mankind just exists in this dimensional layer between the planets and the molecules. We may find it very vast, very extensive, and incomparably big. I say that modern science is not advanced. No matter how far a spacecraft can fly, it cannot fly beyond this physical dimension of ours. However developed a computer is, it cannot match the human brain. Now the human brain is still a mystery. Therefore, the science of mankind is still very shallow."

yoo the third eye ('Tianmu') to the inner body ('pineal body', 'niwan palace') too - classic cult hallmark.

"It is very easy for a practitioner to levitate, which scientists nowadays cannot explain. In fact, when all the channels of a person’s body have all been completely opened up, he will be able to levitate."

"Why do they give an injection to let a person die? They think that he is suffering. However, we think that his suffering is eliminating karma."

Li has some very bad things to say about interracial children... supposes that Eastern born people are born with balance and that this balance is corrupted without purity. Yikes!

This is crazy - the dictionary at the bottom provides lots of incredible vocabulary too. Fun to reference in the future, perhaps.