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http://www.galaxykate.com/ https://v21.io/

you already know formal methods!


why i am not a maker


wonderful essay on the beauty of maintenance vs making. there's something romantic about preservation; ensuring stability is, in many cases, far more difficult than some sort of creation or innovation.

"what do i make?" -> "why should my identity be defined by what i make?" prescriptive technologies: the factory; descriptive: where the creator controls the process as it happens behind every creation is an entire, invisible infrastructure making is symptomatic of our reward systems: creation is coding: provides high salary, prestiege, stock options, with little regard for the quality of the product being developed. reminds me of conversations with gus about engineering time and qa - much longer time scales, much more work, much more care, and a better appreciation for the longetivityof the final product. code is making because we sell it! maintenance is teaching, communicating (not_ preserving) tradition, and ensuring everything works and moves smoothly. when everything "just works", it's been perfectly and wonderfully maintained.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baumol%27s_cost_disease cost disease: rise in salaries of jobs producing little to no increase of labor productivity. it's insane!

teaching is about learning - not making students and lesson plans, but encouraging relationships with students that will occur time and time again.

i used to think 'maintainer' label on open source software was ugly - now i think it's probably the most noble goal of all.