Friday, 09/03/2021


from danish's desk in the common room of my apartment, before it's moved into his


svg displacement filtering can source svg displacement map and apply to image - any image - with svgs. can have big performance implications, but it's far better than computatinoally re-rendering every pixel or similar to try to get the best result. any image can be applied as a distortion filter to another!

filter primitive uses pixels value from image to in2 to displace image according to P'(x,y) ← P( x + scale * (XC(x,y) - .5), y + scale * (YC(x,y) - .5)) - some cool experiments in tne article applying solid colors to cause linear transformations to images like the mona lisa.

definitely something to come back to if i ever want to perform image transformatinos in interesting ways dynamically, but i'll see whetheer i need this in the future.

cancelling newsletters

probably a good idea - carefully monitor my email. it's becoming ore and more of a distraction. carefully moderate whatever comes in to see what's going on and understand what i can cut - it's incredibly unlikely that any new input from any of these newsletters will in any way affect the trajectory of my work anyways, and only things that affect the trajectory of my work really should be important to me. the rest is noise! looking and waiting for new products, sales actually might not be worth it - better for me to identify my need first rather than to allow myself to be constantly advertised to. advertising bad, even if it is information advertising - seek out sources yourself or obtain them from close friends rather than being exposed to these things by others!

15:18 another user hostile software story their definition: software that doesn't care about the needs of the user, but rather the needs of the developer; of course, the actual author of the code isn't the problem, rather the entire ecosystem that motivates that developer to produce a product. the nature of all of these accounts and services and proprietary ecosystems at the end of the day produces an experience that is overwhelmingly hostile to the end user, and it really doesn't have to be this way!

ultimately these are for profit and governance of items that the end user should own and control, but inrtead have been optimized for the actualization for the corporation rather than the end user. most products add 'features' that ultimately are not of any interest to and do not add anything to users!

everyone should always have the choice to disable things! (people should have the right to modify their own software!) and privileges necessary for the program to run should be completely minimized. don't impose constraints and act ethically!

18:59 stop reading self help

there is too meuch repetitivcontent and it's designed to validate your concerns. I've already read enough self help for a lifetime. when am I going to get to the work? these advice columns do a lot to satiate current behaviors, habits and encourage complacency. i know i want to be radical and i want to be different, so self help is not for me.

19:50 physical package toc

agree to terms with progressive box opening; simulates virtual world! have to unwrap portion to access the inner product, but to do that it's necessary to at least read the ToC beforehand

19:56 getting around on my own this note war made on august 26 and revised today use 'you' frequently in writing - you as an object of affection. otherwise tnis is just okay; light piece about reassurance, finding confidence and self reliance, but nothing really stands out

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