Wednesday, 08/25/2021


22:21 lessons from walking

fly fishing in the catskills - and writing for kids! key takeaways:

22:25 icfp keynote: emma glassman

program synthesis: not currently designed for end users! nadia polikarpova; who is tech firstt vs design first? hci stigma: heavily design first rather than tech! it's bestgt to focus on the technology, but just as vital to develop technologies that people actually use. PL - what is mathematically possible? How many endpoints can we reach with the math we have? HCI: What are people struggling with? How do we start making it better?

giving users feedback during synthesis! we don't really need to observe synthesis as programmers: if we throw it to the users and ask the users the question, we can use interactions with them to augment the work and improve both the student's learning and the quality of the synthesis! user studies, also, are incredibly important for learning, promotion, and progress.

hci problem: hour long user study doesn't end up studying how ergonomic the tool is to learn - rather, what's tested is whether the tool can be learned by the user in an hour, when tool learnability shouldn't be compressed to that small of a time scale! there's no way to avoid testing the 'learnability' of the system, but you want to demonstrate long-term usefulness!

tests are good for students but not enough - a human teacher has to provide underlying insight to students to help them to continue learning.

Exploring Exploratory Programming