Friday, 08/20/2021


portland, or; my bedroom

16:15 more to buy?

airmon palm size air purifier! (also a hacking tool?

18:17 article notes iiiiii

life goes deeper

why does allergy immunotherapy work?

energetic aliens how do we categorize and identify variance in cognitive stamina and observnd energy levels between different individuals?

'energetic alien' archetype

how can we keep working without our focus taking a hit? most that work long hours definitely take a hit to their creativity during extended circumstances.

george church

lee hood



lots of peers doing great things, bet impact overall hasn't been very profound; can feel like a hustle up an amorphous mountain of accomplishment to even learn to understand achievements, but many become prisoners of their era; his greatest strength was to be alone, developing new ideas independent of others.


donald knuth



danielle steel

bestselling author alive; fourth best of all time 20+ hours a day of writing! though often thought of as 'low brow' work, rimilar to asimov


60h/week: his sweet spot for happiness and productivity play a cd, pause cd player when not being productive. measure how much cd progress to determine how much work he'd done!


'energetic alien' abilities may be latent, coming out with some level of effort and focus; those who require less sleep to be effective seem to have hyopmania as only other positive association. different people vary in different ways! some take a creative and prolific axis, while others take a route of dedication and isolatino to get it all done.