Thursday, 08/19/2021


16:31 infohazards

16:39 site improvements

the best thing i can do with my time is to make a full text search engine that's able to browse my wiki. without it, all of the information i have stocked up here is essentially useless! i don't frequently curate it or reflect upon it simply because there is too much.


carddav contacts extension application that augments a contacts server with:

17:08 bouba/kiki effect

8:40 switching from metrics to heuristics

classic startup line: can never build software for someone but yourself - not truly! one conversion is the ability to open software to others who have the expertises that they need to make and do what they need from their software. education software if not built by teachers will never meet the requirements of a teacher in the classroom, not exactly!

Aug 19, 2021 8:40:49 PM Jake Chvatal <>:

people can learn heuristics - more than we give them credit for! once you learn how to use the bike's gearshift, you understand what the numbers do - but if they're just labeled with strings, they're completely inflexible!