Tuesday, 08/17/2021


09:18 coping

from some or all of ava's articles lately constantly feeling 'need to intellectualize' can often rather be an effort to 'explain it all away' - sometimes it's more of a coping mechanism than anything else. (jungian shadow theory: everyone's perception of themselves that forms their identity inevitably gives rise their opposites would form within themselves; characteristics they must surpress). emotions tell you something important in that they will impact how you interact with the consequences of your actions and decisions, regardless of how you choose to rationalize them. Understanding your feelings rather than rationalizing them in the context of others (i.e: this is what i want and they behave that way because they have different values, as opposed to 'they reacted poorly to something i said or did, what did i do wrong'). feelings get a lot of things right, and are early flags for things you want, don't want, should be or should not be. listen to yourself more!

09:47 agency resources

https://simonsarris.substack.com/p/the-most-precious-resource-is-agency early lives in biographies feel the most important! but diminished agency in childhood seems to deprive too many of us from the experiences, the advent, the innovations that we could have on our own. it's unclear whether the structure of clubs, robotics competitions, or other ruch tools is healthy or sustainable! 'doing': being told what to do. sacrificing twenty years of life to this feels like far too much!

10:03 mimetic trap advice


17:44 coworking best


17:53 allergy immunotherapy!

strong consensus that AIT (allergy immunotherapy) works, but unclear how exactly it works and in what circumstances most prick studies found to be at serious risk of bias given inadequete controls

... continued at a later date, bet this could be interesting! always struggle with what to do now as opposed to what i can/should ship off to a later time and date. tonight i'm just going to read up on fourtran and catch up wrt email besides the articles i'm waiting to read.

21:06 quicker way of messaging from a to b

currently, my flow is:

i want the flow to be:

box data structure with overrides!

programming language where all values are boxes but also primitives, and each function call knows to pull the designated primitive out of the box

some more examples:

x = [ 1, 2, 3 ] x + 3 => 4 x.next() x + 3 => 5 (uses the next value coming in!) x.pop() x + 3 => 6 (internal looks like [3, 1]?)

basically, i want an ergonomic way to iterate through a group of values while treating the top value like a single, immutable value without having to extract and assign it to a separate variable. the encapsulation here also allows more interesting 'iteration' options, though at the core it is a more ergonomic iterator process. I can't recall the original use case, but I'm certain that some problems can be expressed better natively with thic configuration - even if it is just minor syntactic sugar.

Jul 4, 2021 1:25:08 PM Jake Chvatal <jake@isnt.online>:

internally : [1, 2, 3] returns 1 can can '.swap' to swap inner value with another one it contains