Saturday, 08/14/2021


13:31 ancient articles

that have been lurking in my email for far too long

creator economy?

improving things:

linus on the future of the browser?

no new or interesting insights here. i wonder if i should start writing; these concepts are not new to me and i've already traed these thougnt processes, though on the tool development end i am nowhere near as prolific. maybe i've done too much research and not enough hard work.

tabs newsletter who is this?? how is she so prolific?? i have to get there!

the shangri la diet

just eat food that makes you desire to eat less of it; enter the olive oil diet

note revelation

keeping wiki structure intact doesn't work for me; it's nice to stamp long form articles in at some point, but i typically prefer free flowing ideas over trying to squeeze everything into a box on the wiki. i ultimately do not want to perform the maintenance work required to keep that up - i just want to spew text into a file and have the computer automate the rest. or is that so hard? is that truly what i want?

some ideas, borrowed from someone else