Monday, 08/09/2021


17:07 taking photos is telling stories - caring about people

22:29 discipline is freedom!

if you have the discipline to make the right decisions day to day, the big choices you are offered become more and more optimal. just have discipline in some ways to exercise freedom in others!

giong to try keeping a calendar in my head - without actually recording metrics - to see if i match it.


i love telling stories and i want to get much better at it. i love talking to people and want to get much better at it! telling stories is so incredibly valuable, and everyone has a good story!

unclear how i can improve here other than by improving myself.


i want to get much, much better at cooking. this can be accomplished by feeding myself or by working at a restaurant! i will start by feeding myself better and better food - both food made by myself and food made by others, so that i both determine what food i want to make and learn how to make it. what makes food prepared with care for the people you love so much better? what makes food taste so much better when prepared for a good friend?

just have to take the initiative.

making every decision

what will make the boat go faster? what will get you closer to what you want to acomplish? always keep this in mind!

taking photos

i need to become more comfortable talking to others, as talking to others will allow me to make bigger asks of others. becoming more comfortable taking photos of others is a big step towards that! take photos of friends first, all the time, ALL the time, then of others.

intersperse photos with writing! photograph people who aren't at all used to it! do better! 'seek discomfort'

learning to ask questions to get people to open up - to pry and pry and pry until your


is like pleasure and shame and joy and disgust; tender and vulnerable, close to the hearts and emotions of people. "we're all feral."


recent realizations that this is how things are nd always will be for you. there is no magic in 'becoming popular' then having lots of friends or others to talk to or anything like that (other than a change of funding); choosing to nave such a prescence or not just introduces you to a different clientele. most people, no matter their social status, use thesame tools to communicate and have tghe same options that you do - clothes aren't even that expensive and neither are books, lessons or flights! with some level of income it's easy to just decide to do whatever, especially if pursuing a remote job - i can just shift things around to make room for what i want to do so long as i hit specific time targets!

feels scary that this is 'all that life is' - but also incredibly freeing. i know what my life will and can look like - i've read and seen enough at this point that i 'understand the rules', and only some finite amount of work separates me from being able to accomplish most of my end goals - which is great! i love that i know what i have to do and just nave to execute - because execution is the fun part. building things, making things, doing work is the fun part. making progress is the fun part! improving myself is the fun part. everything else is just excess - and excess is wonderful to have.

interviews, writing and more absolutely love all of the words here, particularly the ones that set the stage - defining where the time, the words, the interview starts and ends. subscribed! some people have gifts, some people have friends, and this piece is wonderful.