Monday, 07/26/2021


00:18 love

how relationships between mc and dead mother - fraught as they may be - develop so significantly, and come to define his relationships with piano, music, and all else in his life. episode 13 is the most impactful - thoroughly transforming his feelings.

Love writing in public: I just wirh that I were comfortable enough, experienced enough, to be properly vulnerable.


article is good and very well researched, but what struck me was the opening:

"I have headaches. Not the low-grade, annoying, “I’ve got a headache” sort of headaches. I get those, too. Most everyone does, and they are a drag.

No, when I say that I get headaches, I mean that at intervals that are largely unpredictable, a knot of pain rises deep inside my head, invariably sensed behind my right eyeball. It then swiftly clicks up through the intensity scale, racing past that dull ache you might get from staring at the screen too long, leapfrogging over that doozy you had the morning after your brother’s wedding, skipping past the agonizing-but-fleeting stab of an ice-cream headache, and arriving, within a matter of minutes, at a pain so piercing and sustained that I can only grip something sturdy, rock back and forth, and grunt until it subsides."

I love the effortless play with description to produce such a verbose adventure.