Sunday, 07/25/2021


14:50 more reading and practice!

i really need to get my new system off of the ground - org mode is seriously not working for me, and i really do not want to convert to org-roam 2 -- the systim is now fairly incompatible with what i want from my personal information system.

that said, more notes today:

what shape are you?

subtracting from the blob

molyneux's problem

If one is born blind and learns to distintuish two objects by touch, will they - upon regaining their sight - be able to recognize and/or distinguish the two objects?

Ultimately there are a couple of interesting philisophical avenues to explore here, but today the problem feels rudimentary and prone to experimental determination.

ethical cases for nonvegetenarianism


secular humanism; or emphasizing human agency without any form of divine being


primarily molluscs.

humane to eat non bivalve animals? (I assume the 'bivalve' distinction is made as mollusks have less evidence for some definition of 'sentience')


deciding not to pursue such a path today. too much mental load! maybe i will learn more about meditative techniques in the future, but there is far too much to learn now.

21:24 more notes

loving olympic skateboarding. feels so informal without the audience and as such a new, casual sport - it's as if the competitors are just hanging out in the stadium!

oppenheimer's life: interesting. appreciate the great diversity of interests, though not so much the academic game of egos, discipline and starting early. where am i going to end up? how much agency do i have? do i get a job first or work hard to kick off a conrulting effort? what do i even want?

loving 'your lie in april' - interested in starting to study classical music. where do I begin?