Saturday, 07/24/2021


16:58 more practice with colemak

yesterday typing was a bit of a nigntmare, but now it's feeling very possible to learn colemak (again)! probably the worst and most difficult part is the vim keybindings - when many of hte navigation tools are no longer in convenient positions, training the murcle memory is far more difficult than simply recoordinating the mind for individual keystrokes. like adapting to using any other tool, this takes work. cetainly interesting to read about the 'psychology' behind how we adapt to tools and explore some of this for myself!

hacking is the opposite of marketing

building fundamentally general purpose products is valuable! hard to market - so pick one first! then expand to a general purpose framework - or apply it to different industries - later. market market market! this article looked cute (primarily a result of having a nice photo of a yacht) but was not sufficietly valuable for me to read.

alexander technique

essentially the idea of explicitly guiding your physical actions. describes simply minding one's posture actively; consedered a placebo on wiki, though perhaps this is moreso a result of proper posture being used to attempt to cure other ailments. some extension of this technique would be the idea of more consciously predetermining actions beforehand - hesitating ih exchange for taking actions more actively. sense yourself and your actions!


focusing on the end goal, as imperative priority justifies.


predates freud. refraining from responding habitually; a moment of hesitation, used to guide the body towards a better conscious action.

primary control

head and eyes initiate movement and improve effortlessness.


direct every movement rather than acting first and recorrecting afterwards.

much more to learn here from the technique and other, similar work.