Thursday, 07/01/2021


14:05 making the best of it

i think the best way that someone can appreciate the world is to focus on the essentials. essentials: things everyone does to some extent but that some are passionate enough to master.

this seems far from the obscure, pretentious ideals of the academic culture i love and hate - endless abstraction feels unhealthy, as useful as it is for discussing complex ideas, as it prevents people from communicating with one another. learning shop language is fine, but often what should be accessible material is rendered inaccessible, and those newer to the field, to ideas, or resources are expected to take on the full burden of

here's what i am interested in focusing on:

i'm sure there are more but they are currently escaping me. whatever the case i would like to be good at them. spending time on all of the things we need - things that feel essential to human nature - feels incredibly valuable and satisfying.

21:36 personal advertisement

currently my profile pictures on each platform are a bit of a caricature of their respective sources; the twitter profile picture parodies the line used to convey replies and the instagram picture satirizes the private stories that many people use.

the first step is obtaining a consistent username across all platforms - this username doesn't have to be my real name, i don't think, and i'm okay with it being 'jakeisnt' - 'jakechvatal' doesn't quite feel like me. i'll have to figure out how to snag the username i prefer from others.

I like and the way he has laid out all of his work, his value propositions, the people he has consulted for, etc. The testimonies, clear results and skillsets, client buzzwords, and the way the website is organized make for an excellent and easy to navigate interface.