Thursday, 04/08/2021


11:22 loneliness

comes from being able to communicate things that seem important. can anything that can be thought be thought clearly? it's important not to panic when it cannot, will not, be molded into shape. maybe reading is a better filter for the mind. the patience it imbues is unmatched.

11:30 learning in public

22:18 some life advice blog posts

learn how things work

learn how things work


geoffrey litt "The problem with software today, he thinks, is that it's the same for everyone—like a hotel room we rent for the night. Instead, he wants to move us toward a world where software is like a home we own: infinitely extensible, customizable, and personal—even if you can't program."

Stops to seriously consider his answers, phrasing in head before responding.

Unit of work: research paper

Key takeaway

sense of time: want ot do foundational research hat can connect ot the world and make a real impact. Do not expect to have anything of value in 5 years; but perhaps this will come in 10.

22:38 knowledge how

src Three kinds of knowledge:

what does knowledge how consist of? these knowledges are clearly distinct, but viewing them as a binary may be viewed as anti-intellectualism? i don't entirely understand that. greeks: episteme vs techne




craft or art

to live a good life we need knowledge of the forms to virtue by which to live; bad moral conduct can often be dismissed as the ignorance of facts or intellectual error.

TODO I will come back to this later, somehow.

There's a lot more to glean from this article. From this thread as well.

22:59 tech

simple geohot thoughts: technology without industry if it centralizes power, it's good. if it decentralizes power, it's bad. this is the simple rule by which you should work with technology. the lost tools of learning these detail a lot of interesting issues, and primarily focuses on the experience of teaching - revolutionizing or modernizing work. it's clear that debate cannot often stay focused, committee meetings largely distract, definitions are vague, and others make sweeping assumptions.

TODO this is an excellent work that I will surely come back to for something profound, but I am now too tired and what you can find above.