Saturday, 02/13/2021



shame and guilt

src "Shame is distinct from guilt because it isn’t about responsibility: it’s about feeling like the very way you are is insufficient and bad and embarrassing. If you’ve read any Brene Brown you probably already know that guilt can be adaptive and helpful, but shame is dangerous."

It's scary to keep putting yourself out there - to say the one thing that will be deemed wrong - and fall into the depths of the internet's vilification of your choice of words.


src social media success off of the back of all of the money and effort towards preparing a public image if someone is much better than you at something, they are probably trying much harder. we're underestimating how much effort they put in into what they're interested in!

why the process? the ugliness of trying and wanting and hoping and working are fascinating. sustained tenacity - and deep work - are so so so valuable.

a lot of people want to be but do not want to do - and there is an obvious solution to this. i am incredibly ashamed of rejection and of imperfection, so i stray from trying to do things, but in doing so i constantly grapple with not doing things. it's clear that my doing things would be much better than not doing so. if the writer isn't having fun then the reader doesn't either. if you love the process, then your work will be better enjoyed - because it is done out of love.

two types of people: people who are ashamed of something and choose not to do it, and people who choose to do it anyway and just hide it. it is so much harder to be the latter - but being ugly is 'the price that unlocks everything beautiful in the world'.

bury your insecurity by making things and making them so well that you look good.

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