Monday, 02/08/2021


18:56 some notes on various things, cleaning up

TODO read through these articles?

how to lobotomize yourself: forgetting there is so much to do! under-reported covid opinions don't receive word, because they don't want to contradict cdc narratives and make vaccines questionable entirely! quick learning article:

the genetics links are incredibly good here; the mechanisms of cult production, when prophecy fails, why we fight over fiction; everything is heritable!

Committment is a defense against the void

src there is so much going on at once that it's hard to pace! we're driven to create and consume and keep up; it's nauseuous. "the balance between willing to change and improve and knowing who you are is tricker than ever before". don't lose individuality by adopting the interests of others; copying the style of others means that you abandon your own. if you don't make a choice nothing ever happens - optimizing in the wrong way makes things existential! committment isn't just necessary to get good; it's necessary for peace of mind - it allows you to survive all of the optionality

you can't optimize perfectly for what people think - and as nice as email is it's hard to feel empty when feedback isn't empty! who are you with no notifications? if you know, you can't be disturbed.