Monday, 01/04/2021


16:00 various thoughts

what's wrong with posix io


partial rebuttal of the previous by robb, a plan9 author


the reddit thread about rewriting unix-like


cool things about languages:

the obvious one: why is piping plain text in and out the basis for an operating system? did ken thompson hate OO that much? microkernels are just better for software though, right?

learn more about redox; it will be beneficial for the future Operating Systems zig seems significantly easier to learn than rust while offering similar security, for the most part. it also seems to offer some ml style power, albeit without the syntax

zig compilation is lazy, has very good support for cross-compilation. cool build system that differs from cargo and allows for the creation of arbitrary build systems

zig has much lower cognitive overhead than rust, and seems better for faster development speed, but it doesnt have a good method for uaf escalation, data races, data sharing etc. rust lifetimes are cool and so are traits, but zig might have the facilities to implement them sequel to plan9 - it even runs as a userspace application inside of the plan9 operating system. the fact that it provides an inbuilt virtual os is incredible. try this one out sometime when you want to learn more about os research. on android though? on nintendo ds????

what's wrong with fork? some research: