Monday, 12/07/2020


07:49 silly ideas

see aingle image at a time and tag it with multiple tags. nice ui shows you existing tags, more effort to add new one but still possible images / video / text you've collected can be turned into a static site at a specific url and hosted easily

interview ppl!!! all the time. ask good questions. i loved being interviewed because it made me think and i want to do the same for others and do it quickly.

07:59 time cube

8:00 more sweden

Rittersvik Drottingholm palace oml yo yo yo brunkebergs tunnel the woodland cemetary garden?

17:44 gwern

very cool quantified self work, backing up external tech, and other resources. some backed up typography notes he has love the independent researcher + live frugally idea the case against education, book

governance; asking permission the epistemic state b