Wednesday, 10/21/2020


23:35 in praise of idleness

bertrand russell

there is far too much work done, and the belief that work is virtuous causes immense harm!

it is not necessary for all of us to be idle and to fill ourselves; a man earns and spends, and in spending he gives employment

the man who lends his money to the government is no better than the murderers of those people

in industrial enterprises, hen these operations succeed the money is well spent; otherwise, these enterprises fail, wasting a lot of human labor in the process. (note: i question what is 'failure' and what is 'worthwhile' here)

a great deal of harm is done strictly because of the belief in virtuous work, and the road to prosperity leads to eliminating it. work is:

the second can be indefinitely extended and abstracted duty i just a means for the ohlders of poewr to live in the interests of their masters, but they persuade those under them that they should share these interests labor is still valuable in this framework precisely because leisure is good; to save someone lots of time is worth some work yourself the idea that the poor should have leisure has and always will be shocking to the rich it is unjust that a man consume more than he produces, as he will incur undue labor from another!

other reasons we work:

local-first software

src motivation boring; collaboration clearly insecure when dependent on owned centralized service 'git is the standard' for how collaboration should be maintained and synchronized

prioritize the use of local storage and networks, as software is just better without a constant reliance on internet! every utility should 'just work' without the need for a constant internet connection, and most services should be started and used without such a connection at all. it's so clear how much error is introduced by any sort of client server model, even if it's the serving of a simple static site

CRDTs! conflict free replicated data types, designed to be multi user from the ground up through infrequent network communication; operating on richer data types than just text.

CRDT technology works and developers have great time when working with Functional Reactive Programming especially

perhaps all applications should be designed to be local first!filecoin, golem, libp2p, NAT, relays, wifi offloading, mesh networks

Beaker Browser: a p2p browser scuttlebutt: a simple decentralized social network