Tuesday, 09/22/2020


20:34 hitting 100k/year on github sponsors

wow! making more than he's making as a full tiem software developer! left to go on a sabattical, started making his own thing created Livewire for Laravel and AlpineJS for javascript income was 20k for the first year to pursue the freelance work, and his sponsorships lead to him making 25! and now he's making 100!


educational content


20:48 on effective patches: linux


making trivial cleanups? are they useful or good?

small patches are important because people realize that they can change the kernel! on a practical level, they can tag a change on the kernel and say that they accomplished it

it's not possible to get into the kernel without starting out small and making mistakes

even trivial patches really do take time, as they often have trivial mistakes! they take a lot of time proportional to effort in the contribution, but it's so important for people to learn how to contribute to projects! don't stop making patches, even if those patches aren't the best. they're a good way to learn.

20:54 goodbye serenity

https://www.nybooks.com/daily/2011/12/05/goodbye-serenity/ god i love this article claim of finding serenity by no longer reading the papers and watching television. sadomasichism the revolutionaries and political exiles are long dead we torment ourselves with the internet

our political system is wholly incapable of solving any of our countries real problems

20:58 a lesson in acceptance

https://www.oxfordamerican.org/magazine/item/1945-lesson-in-acceptance god i love how this flows!

balance your infections being a restaurants regular is a beautiful thing

eating out is an excercise in acceptance; they are letting you into their home deserts are hardly equal restaurants are where life is lived if we sacrifice them, we sacrifice live as we know them; we sacrifice the humanity in a city

return to restaurants only in memory until the day i die

21:24 tf2 drugs

experimen t with everything https://www.teamfortress.tv/18898/psychedelic-experiences#12

21:27 today

what did i learn today?