Sunday, 09/20/2020


17:22 its a healthcare today

i need to learn how to improve my health! here is how i can do that

biohacking lite

nutrition! he experimented a lot with some crazy shit and wild research over the course of a year, learning more about the body

weight focus

weight: bodies are 'full' batteries are adipose tissue and triglycerides stored within, stored by body to be burned for energy

all are charged and discharged at all times cookie -> glucose -> bloodstream if too much glucose: anabolic pathways -> glycogen in liver if in vast abundance: convert glycogen to fat catabolics: use creotine for first 3 seconds, glycogen for next 8-10 seconds, then ramp into 2 and 3 as heart rate, breathing rate and oxygen transport increases

moving energy around is expensive: creotene is cache, anaerobic is ram, and aerobic respiration is the disk, moving fatty acids through fatty tissue through the bloodstream but is super efficient storage wise

body weight is just a sum of the atoms; day to day fluctuations mostly due to water retention (in turn controlled by sodium, glycogen levels, horomones) + some stool we breathe out most of our weight in carbon dioxide! was triglyceride molecule in fat

combustion = weight loss cellular respiration: 'slow motion' combustion of ADP and ATP ATP Synthase traps 40% of energy in ATP, more efficient than internal 'motor' which operates at 25% lots of stuff happens in the chain: foot chopped into acetate and electrons are stripped, flow down to electron transport chain etc


humans have simple way of consuming energy - breakdown of food, narrow subset of organic molecules proteins, fats, carbs and molecules like alcohol cannot metabolize:


not mostly from movement! we are super efficient with movement and it is expensive to just exist

basically the 'passive energy' of being human is far more expensive this is 'base metabolic rate' and we burn this for free every day common estimate for BMR for men: 10 * weight(kg) + 6.25 * height(cm) - 5 * age(y) + 5 this is a free win! workout is a drop in the bucket for weight. cv health is different but this workout has nothing to do with losing weight

introducing deficit

greater deficits could stress out, make hangry, and sacrifice lean body mass !!! good to lose maybe 1 lb per week to do this, 1g of fat about 9 kcal, adipose is ~87% lipids, so 3500 kcal is 1 lb of fat

this means target deficit of 500 kcal per day; can be much easier to make this up with cardio than with pure calorie restriction

helps to adopt 16:8 intermittent fasting schedule :: skip breakfast, eat only from 12 to 8 pm this controls appetite and reduces snacking

specific diet:w

low carb, mostly pescetarian avoid nearly all sources of sugar stopped drinking calories in any form regular cardio a few times of week, regular existance training improved a number of biomarkers supposedly


compute actual weight loss input/output!

discrepancy varies iwth the amount of carbohydrates in diet eating increases glycogen levels, glycogen soaks up water

body composition: need to better understand specific body composition

simple diet recs